Plumbing services offered…

  • renovations
  • new construction
  • rough-ins
  • finishing
  • maintenance and repairs
  • fixture replacements
  • drain clearing
  • water heaters
  • tankless “on demand” water heaters
  • cross connection control
  • backflow preventer installation and testing
  • perimeter and storm-water drainage
  • irrigation systems
  • water main repairs and replacements
  • sewer tie in and hook up
  • hydronic radiant heating
  • solar domestic water heating
  • central vacuum rough in

Gas services offered for natural gas and propane…

  • renovations
  • new construction
  • gas system piping
  • appliance piping and hook up
  • appliance replacement
  • conversions
  • maintenance and repairs
  • diagnostic and troubleshooting
  • fireplaces
  • water heaters
  • tankless “on demand” water heaters
  • BBQ’s
  • patio heaters
  • campfire pits


Don't forget to get your gas appliances serviced annually. This is the best way to keep downtime and repair costs to a minimum as well as ensuring optimum efficiency and safe operation. Faulty heating equipment is a leading cause of house fires. Call us today for a quick estimate.

Don’t forget about the dryer!

Most people use clothes dryer for laundry, and clean the lint screen regularly. But what about the exhaust ducting? The screen does not remove it all, over time a build up of lint can occur in the ducting. This is a major fire hazard, especially in a gas dryer, and can cause a house fire. The dryer exhaust ducting should be checked and cleaned annually... We can do that!


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Gradient Plumbing & Gas Ltd. is very excited to be involved in a new home design/improvement show right here in Victoria. It is called Design District The Series. Click here to check it out!

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